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freewriters's Journal

freewrites, dreams, memories...
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This group is for those interested in freewriting, a form of practice writing in which there is no stopping, editing, or going back...

Start with an idea or sentence, start your timer, and type your fingers off until the time is up. Pay no heed to grammar, spelling, or logic -- just get the thoughts on the page. If you've no idea where to start, try "I remember..." and follow your brain wherever it takes you.

All topics are welcome, and feel free to suggest freewrite topics to the group. If your entry is long, please use the lj-cut tag. Cross-posts are fine, but post the original content in this journal.

Your post may be deleted without notice if:
* It only contains a link back to your writings elsewhere (personal journal, website, wherever).
* It contains an advertisement.
* It is written in a language other than English.
* It is inflammatory toward the community.
* It does not contain original writing (in other words, no posting of song lyrics or anything that you personally did not write).

Comments on freewrites are welcome, though freewriting is not meant to be critiqued like other writing. If you would like specific feedback on your work (or would like a critique anyway), please say so when you post the freewrite.

No flames, please.